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Universal Tv Stand

The Universal tv Stand base with mount bracket for 27 to 55 tvs is a peerless alternative to keep your tv models in good condition! This Stand also features a built-in lectern to make adding or removing models easier.

Tv Legs

Thismount-it tv Stand base is top for enthusiasts interested in watching your tv's without having to lift them, it's made of sturdy materials and will keep your tv safe and sound. This Universal tv Stand base is top-grade for adding a touch of luxury to your tv space, it's made from durable materials with a cute swivel design to allow for facile movement. The mount offers an american-made reach of up to 32 tv's, and for that unrivaled summer breeze, the base also comes with like a rain cover and power cord management. The table top tv Stand uses a base that is inserted into a few minutes of a screws into the wall, this process makes it difficult and time-consuming to control the tv Stand from below. The current base is of a recessed design that creates a sharp intake and exhaust conduit that creates moisture and dust problems, the new tv Stand base is fabricated out of a durable injection-molding process. The base provides been designed with a recessed air cleaner and a weight to increase and help lower the tv stand, the new base provides a clear view of the show and keeps the tv Stand facile to move. This Universal tv Stand is a first-rate addition to your tv set-up, it fits 22 to 65 models, and presents a base that can fit most models. The Stand is manufactured of sturdy materials, and is sure to keep your tv set digging great.