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Metal Tv

Introducing a terrific all-new, revisit the 70 s kids' favorite farm animals in new, modern Metal form! These trays come with pig, cow, duck, and chicken, just like the ones your children are used to see on tv! The 3-1/2" tortoise-shell design is exquisite for any kitchen area and the sets are effortless to clean, plus, the modern update means that these trays will look top-of-the-line in any kitchen.

Metal Tv Ebay

The Metal tv bed lap tray with folding legs is a first-rate addition to your tv bed! The ferns on the lap tray make a beautiful addition on the wall or in the garden, the desk or bedroom can be a place to relax and find peace of mind. The tv bed lap tray with folding legs is a sensational substitute to add some style and organization to your tv bed, this vintage-looking Metal tv tray is prime for holding snacks or snacks for children. The lap tray features fruit on one end and a loading dock on the other, this top-of-the-heap for when guests come in to watch your tv show or movie. This Metal tv tray is top-quality for holding lunch or snacks for your children, it is likewise fantastic for holding a new look or location. This Metal tv lunch tray is an unrivaled addition to your home or for any of your next project, this 1972 holly hobby tin Metal tv serving lap tray is superb for holding your tv's. The tray imparts a comfortable design and is manufactured of durable metal, it gives a small amount of space for storage and the top of the tray is equipped with a serving spoon.