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Lg Tv Power Cord

This Lg tv Power Cord is a first-class alternative to keep your tv running like never before, it includes an ac Power adaptor for your laptop or battery-powered device, so you can stay connected even when the power’s not an issue. This Cord also includes a monitor and printer liberation from intrusive advertising.

Lg Tv Cord

This Lg tv Cord is for the 47 e 50 50 50 55 it is brand new and grants a poor quality reputation, it is only for the 50 50 50 55 this is an 3 prong ac Power supply cable for samsung tv's. It offers a standard 3 in 1 plug for use with computers, devices, and sql servers, the standard grants an 6 foot long substitute as well as an 5 foot long. This cable is also parallel terminated meaning that it can be used with multiple tv's, this 6 foot long Power Cord is designed to allow straightforward Power Cord management for your Lg tv. It provides an 2 prong connector and is 6 feet long, this Power Cord can also be used for polish or extension cords. This is an 6 ft 2 prong Cord led lcd tv vizio samsung Lg sharp wall ac Power Cord l-type, it is used for vizio samsung Lg sharp wall ac tv's. It gives an 6-in-1 Power button and a led display.