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Black Panther Tv Lamp

This 19 medium-sized tv Lamp is enhanced by its associated Black Panther tv light, it is unrivalled for any room that may need a little light.

Panther Tv Lamp

This vintage Panther tv Lamp is a sensational addition to your tv set, this light up version is produced of ceramic and looks outstanding with any look book. Not included: not included - Panther tv Lamp this vintage Black Panther tv Lamp is a beautiful approximate 19 inches long, medium 20 inch widescreen television lamp, the Lamp extends a mid century look with its dark Panther animal jerry washington style design and is produced of brass. The Lamp is appropriate for any room with a power view, this vintage Black Panther tv Lamp is a beautiful example of a ceramic tv lamp. It is produced of art deco-style glass and is about 2 feet tall, it is manufactured from wood and is from the early 20 th century. The light is described as "pale beige" and "dark brown", this large, 20" tv Lamp is manufactured of ceramic andmedium-quality Black Panther makeup. It is lit with a vtg, for an end-of-the-day light show. The carter brand as well on display.