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Apple Tv Price

If you've ever used a genuine oem Apple remote for your Apple tv, you're going to admire this option! This one is designed with a cosmetical damage insurance policy on it, not only that, but it's also going to be from the best company in the world - the real oem Apple remote for Apple tv.

Apple Tv

This is a genuine oem Apple remote for Apple tv, the silver color is more than appropriate for your device. The remote renders some cosmetic damage, which would make it different from other apples that have a cosmetically damaged field, the remote presents a few cosmetic damage including: a small logo error, a markings, and a few professional markings. This is a very good machine and for sale, the Price this is an used Apple tv that provides cosmetic damage. The remote is genuine oem Apple tv and works perfectly, the screen is slightly damaged, but it still works. It imparts a damage that makes it a good candidate for replacement, the silver color is because the unit provides been damaged by cosmetic damage. The unit renders a cosmetic damage because it is silver.